Pragmatist, Crypto Native, Software Engineer

I specialize in working with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to create secure, efficient, and innovative web applications. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by crypto, I am able to provide expert guidance and technical expertise to help navigate this rapidly evolving field.

Calling Rust From Node.js - FFI

Incrementally adopt Rust in your Node.js projects. I was recently bitten by the Rust bug. Its wild ideas have consumed me and I am forever changed. But unfortunately, most of what I do is better served by another language but I still want to dabble.

Lil Block Party

Lil Block Party is a project for the Lil Nouns DAO community. We started out as a Pokemon inspired project but iterated quickly. LBP has been funded by Prop House and the DAO itself! It shows upcoming Lil Nouns based on the current block. Click here to check out our proposal


  1. Company
    Developer DAO
    Eng. Initiative Lead
  2. Company
    Hyype, Inc
    Front-End Engineer
  3. Company
    SevenStar, Inc
    Full Stack Engineer
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